Old Farm Physical Therapy

Nicole Mattina Fiore, MSPT resides in Westchester, NY with her husband and two boys. She has always had a strong desire to help people live their best life. Nicole graduated in 2003 from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with her Masters in Physical Therapy. She was the assistant director of a renowned outpatient orthopedic facility on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where she had the exciting opportunity to work with professional sports players, NYC marathon runners, professional dancers and Broadway actors/actresses. Nicole has also practiced at several thriving outpatient facilities in Westchester where she treated a diverse range of injuries. Diagnosis range from common lower back pain to more involved injuries such as rotator cuff tears of the shoulder and meniscus tears of the knee. Nicole has extensive experience treating post-surgical patients.

When Nicole was asked why she decided to open up her own private based facility, she stated that she wanted to focus on healing one person at a time, spending a full hour of one-on-one time with the patient utilizing her cutting edge manual skills and educating the individual on an exercise program tailored specifically to his or her needs. Over the years, Nicole has witnessed many outpatient facilities sacrificing quality of care in favor of quantity of patients (many practices treat up to 4-5 patients an hour). She also found that it was common for a patient to see multiple therapists at a facility because they would frequently be assigned to whomever was available at appointment time. This, in turn, significantly dilutes the quality of the individual’s treatment program because there are often “too many cooks in the kitchen”, resulting in delayed healing and/or the individual not being rehabilitated to their maximal potential.

Nicole is dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality rehabilitation services in order to help them achieve maximum level of physical function, utilizing evidence based practice delivered in an ethical manner.