Old Farm Physical Therapy

Analyze with the Mind, Care with the Heart,
Heal with the Hands

Treatment Room

Maximizing Movement

I'll help you learn to work with your body to restore mobility through concentrated, specialized exercises and stretches. My patients typically find their movement is restored without needing surgery.

Quality of Life Improvement

Chronic pain and movement limitation means that you enjoy your life less. I'll identify the source of pain and dysfunction and help you heal your body so that you can live your fullest life.


I sought Nicole's help after a very painful lower back muscle spasm. She immediately spoke with me over the phone, carefully listening to my events and symptoms and walked me through some very specific, helpful techniques to allow me to function until finding time in her schedule to see me that same day! Nicole's office was warm and so soothing. She worked on my back for over an hour and was able to find the exact area causing my pain. I literally walked out of her office feeling amazing and was better by morning. Nicole exudes warmth and knowledge. She puts so much heart and effort into her patients. I am so grateful to have found her and highly recommend her. - Jessica D., Armonk, NY

As a sufferer of chronic neck pain for several years, I was beginning to accept the fact that living a pain-free life would just never happen. The constant pain and headaches associated with my herniated cervical discs and arthritis made it difficult to do the things I loved, like playing with my children or cooking for my family. Exercising or working on a laptop strained my neck to the point where I would just give up. After meeting Nicole I knew right away that her approach to helping her patients was different than most. Not only did she listen to my concerns, but she took the time to work with me as an individual - not just a diagnosis. She went above and beyond to make sure I understood what was happening, why it was happening and what I needed to do to become an active participant in my recovery. Nicole has been a positive force in my life from the second I met her. Each session provides me with a new opportunity to learn from her and continue on my road to recovery. She has taught me that you do not have to accept pain as a way of life, but that if you have the right tools and a positive attitude you can make the changes necessary to lead a healthy and happy life. - Anna D., Valhalla, NY

I went to Nicole for extensive rehab after my rotator cuff surgery. She was fabulous! Nicole was gentle, yet pushed me when I needed a little push. My shoulder today is 100%. I attribute my successful recovery to the physical therapy she did with me. - Lucy D., Armonk, NY

After meeting and working with 3 physical therapists and convinced that shoulder surgery was my only option, I was recommended to see Nicole Fiore. As an active yoga teacher it was necessary to get back strength and full range of motion. Nicole and I worked together for six weeks and it finally clicked. I followed her recommendations and without surgery (4 months later) a full yoga practice including handstands and no pain. I am and will continue to be grateful that we met and worked together. - Susan R., Armonk, NY